Quality of Life

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"Quality of Life" Award

"Promoting Health through Whole Person Wellness"

Tamara designed and created this motivational speaking program to promote healthful living in her community.
The centerpiece of her work was done with The Centers for Youth and Families, where she worked with different groups of runaway, homeless and emotionally troubled children ranging in age from 6 to 18.
Below, Tamara worked in conjunction with the American Red Cross as a volunteer for the KATV Health and Fitness EXPO, and had her own booth to promote her wellness program.

The Prevention Convention
Tamara met with Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders (below) at the 9th Annual Health Education Conference... and was recognized for her work with "Promoting Health through Whole Person Wellness" at the Prevention Convention.

Miss Arkansas Scholarship Winnings paid for Tamara's college education.

Tamara won two awards for her work with "Promoting Health through Whole Person Wellness" at the Miss Arkansas Scholarship Pageant.

She won the Community Service Award for service to her community and state.

And she won the Fruit of the Loom Quality of Life Award for program development,

execution, and overall commitment to improving the quality of life through volunteerism.  

Since 1997, she has given back her own scholarship: the "Tamara Henry Broadcast Journalism Award" goes to the contestant with the highest interview score majoring in TV News: